Occupational Medicine

When you put good health to work.

Covenant Clinics offers comprehensive workers' compensation and injury care services. We focus on providing quick, high-quality care at lower costs to help businesses control their work comp expenses. Our skilled providers ensure top-notch patient care while meeting employer expectations, creating effective recovery and work plans. We treat employees with respect and guarantee employers dependable results, clear communication, and efficient claims reporting. We're open every day for walk-in work comp injuries and arrange follow-ups to fit your schedule. For services like workplace injury risk assessments, health screenings, drug tests, or other needs, get in touch with our clinic office manager.

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Occupational Medicine

With our workers' compensation and injury care services, your employees get quick and easy access to high-quality care at a lower cost. By cutting down on unnecessary ER visits, we help you manage your work comp expenses. Our providers have years of experience in occupational injury care and know how to balance excellent patient care with employer expectations. This helps create a strong "work and heal" plan, ensuring your injured employees get the care they need and return to work safely and quickly.

Your employees deserve respectful, compassionate, and quality injury care. Employers deserve reliable, accurate, and timely results with clear communication throughout the process. You can rely on us for all this and more: we also offer care coordination and referrals to specialists if needed. Plus, we support you with efficient and accurate claims reporting.

Our urgent care accepts workers' comp acute injuries on a walk-in basis seven days a week. We also schedule follow-up exams with convenient appointments.

Interested in workplace injury risk assessment, biometrics, workplace health screening events, or other services? Contact our clinic office manager to discuss these or any other questions. We're here to help!n